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wholesale company of stock clothing and shoes

M.A.EXPORT is the biggest wholesale company of clothes and shoes distribution from Italy. We are specialized in trading with surplus goods,sample collections ,shop returns, from the current fashion trends and season.
We can offer you more then 5 million pieces monthly , from more then 30 european brands like : Zara , Bershka , Cache Cache , New Look , Kiabi , Benetton , Idexe , Original Marines and many others .
We always have the latest season’s products available .
For more information about our products, please contact me.
(for some brands we have restrictions for sell in some countries)
Contact person : 0039-3203635834 (whatsapp/viber)
E-mail :

Jud. Arad, bucuresti

Preț: 1,00 €

Anunț publicat pe 12 July '18

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