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Medical & Nursing Recruitment Services

Medical & Nursing Recruitment Services
Dată publicare
9 May '18
Ajeets specialize in nursing staffing for all areas of the healthcare sector. Ajeets Group provides a comprehensive recruitment service which includes the supply of qualified and experienced Nursing candidates. Ajeets is the provider of Medical Nursing Recruitment Services / Medical Recruitment Service with increasing requirement in various hospitals, nursing home and clinics all over the world. Ajeets refer only skilled professionals having qualified degree and added the specialization in the functioning of the hospital working. As a large and diversified healthcare recruitment company we have many Nursing candidates – and through our broad connectivity across public and private hospitals; government departments; multi-national healthcare organisations (biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceutical, scientific); health insurance funds; medical, diagnostic and imaging facilities and aged care providers and residential facilities, we connect with numerous Nursing candidates. Our Healthcare & Nursing industry clients include properties and facilities in every part of the world, including North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Australia, and, of course, Canada, and the USA. The candidates are picked from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Philippines to meet the industry requirements.
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